About Joe

Joe Cunningham has been composing and arranging music at a frantic pace since 2007 after an odd 25 year hiatus. After being introduced to the dark, mysterious arts of digital audio creation and recording in that year he rushed back to the faded, dog-eared sheet music of his avant garde/ neoclassical/ jazzy, mis-spent youth with the realization that some of his orphaned and un-produced compositions from those days could finally be realized. Whether or not that turns out to be a good idea remains to be seen.

Joe drumsNevertheless what's done is done, which includes three EPs in quick succession - Burnt Sienna ('09); World Weary ('10); and Time ('11). While recording these collections, Jim McLennan's highly praised Six String Gumbo and a number of other unreleased recordings he honed his digital skills. Joe brags incessantly about this claiming “it's pretty damn good for a guy still running a successful fish business“. However, Joe has now left his fish business for a young and alluring music career so we have to doubt his claim regarding the successfulness of the fish stuff. Even so, the quality of the recordings Joe has produced and engineered to date seem undisputed.

Joe received his early musical training at Dalhousie University and graduated with a B.A. with a major in music in 1980. He has two other degrees (yes, really) related to sociological/psychological mumbo jumbo acquired during his hiatus which he describes as “a bad idea gone wrong”.
Previous to his “hiatus” Joe was affiliated with a number of successful persons in the music world including notable Canadian composers Steve Tittle and Scott Macmillan and he has continued to play drums in various bands including, currently, the “blue/folk/rock/grass quartet from southern Alberta“ - Wailback, which includes notable Canadian author, Sid Marty.